Francesco GUARDI Collezione – Pleasure of Creation

We have created a brand of Francesco GUARDI Collezione exclusive paints and plasters, believing that in each of us there is a passion to create an individual and elegant living space. Our products, manufactured with sophisticatedattention to detail, have been created to meet the needs of the most demanding lovers of interiors and façades that are open to novelties and original solutions. We looked for inspiration, and found the artistic creations of Francesco Guardi, a Venetian painter who ingeniously captured the landscapes and architecture of 18th century Venice on his canvases. He has become the patron of our brand, because that grand master of art created oil paintings of vast panoramas of the city using the light and colour that are now deemed to be masterworks and we can rapturously view them in the best galleries and museums in the world. We want to move this admiration for the aesthetics and art into the interiors and façades of modern houses so that each of us may feel the presence of a great artist. We believe that the home space is akin to a blank canvas, on which everyone can create his/her own works of art.

Welcome to the world of intense colours and shades, in which every detail has its meaning.