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The GUARDI hybrid plaster skim is an ultramodern mass in the form of a gel paste. Due to the content of a unique composition of plasticizing agents, thickeners and prepared polymer resins, the skim is characterized by high thixotropy and exceptionally easy spreading and smoothing of walls and ceilings. After drying, it creates a snow-white and smooth surface, which is a perfect base for painting with all types of dispersion paints, wallpapering and applying decorative structural compounds.


  • - gel consistency, the highest comfort of application and smoothing
  • - Applicable with various tools: trowel, putty knife, roller and a spraying unit
  • - snow-white after curing
  • - enables decorative structures to be created
  • - easy grinding and high resistance to mechanical damage

The skim is designed for decorative and protective finishing of indoor walls made of cementitious or gauged mortars, plasterboards, concrete, aerated concrete and for renovating on previously cleaned old paint coatings before applying a wallpaper.

How to use

The skim should be applied on seasoned, solid, durable, clean and dry surfaces, free from dust, grease and other substances impacting the adhesive capacity of the surface. Fresh cement and cement-lime plasters should be primed after approx. 4 weeks and gypsum plasters after approx. 2 weeks from completion, e.g. with Fixgrunt U. Spots covered with mold or fungi should be cleaned mechanically and disinfected with the Biotox Total algaecide and fungicide.


The product is ready to use. The skim should be lightly mixed before applying.

The GUARDI plaster skim in the form of a gel paste can be applied with stainless steel tools (trowel, skim knife), nylon fiber roller and airless paint sprayers. A single layer should not be thicker than 5 mm. Larger defects and unevenness should be covered with subsequent layers after the previously applied layer has dried. Skimming should be performed at a temperature of above 5°C and max. 70% air humidity. Full hardening occurs after 12 hours. Sand with a mesh or finegrained 180 or 220 abrasive paper. Wet sanding with a sponge and water is also permissible. Application with nylon fiber roller – apply the skim in overlapping vertical stripes from top to bottom. From windows towards the inside of the room. Remember not to exceed the maximum layer thickness, i.e. 5 mm. If it is necessary to apply another layer, wait until the first skim layer has dried completely, i.e. at least 12 hours. The skim layer that is still wet should be evened out with a wide skim knife or with a tool with a spring plastic blade. The applied skim should be evened out and smoothed out before the so-called film, a characteristic layer on the surface, is formed. Application with hydrodynamic tools – The surface must be primed before plaster skim application. Layer thickness depends on nozzle diameter – dedicated nozzle – 541. It is recommended to apply a single layer no thicker than 5 mm with a hydrodynamic spray. If necessary, the skim may be diluted by adding between 1% and 2% of water per packaging. During skim application with a hydrodynamic tool, the mass should not be left in the hydraulic system of the device under pressure for more than 20 minute. After spraying or during a longer break from work, the pressure at the check valve and the gun should be released, which will extend the service life of the aggregate and prevent undesired work obstacles. It is recommended to apply two skim layers on porous surfaces (gypsum and mineral plasters). Apply the second layer after the previous one has dried.

Store the mass in the original, sealed packaging. Protect from frost and sunlight. Storage temperature: from +5°C to +35°C. Wear a dust mask and protective glasses while sanding. Wash any soiling with water.Consult the product data sheet before use. LAKMA SAT is not responsible for the product quality or the final result if recommendations are not adhered to.

Technical specification

Drying time

12 hours



Application method

trowel, spatula, nylon paint roller, hydrodynamic unit

Number of layers


Wydajność dla warstwy 2 mm

For cement and lime plaster: 1 kg / m2, for gypsum plaster: 1 kg / 1.5 m2, for plasterboards: 1 kg / 2 m2

maximum single layer thickness

5 mm

packaging options

5Kg | 20Kg

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