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Travertine plaster Francesco GUARDI is an exclusive cover decorative coating which perfectly simulates natural travertine, with its structure. Produced on the basis of seasoned lime aggregate, strictly selected grains with grit from 0.4 to 0.5 mm and a powder binder. 

This product is recommended especially for decorating walls and other items of architecture for interior and exterior use.


Example of structure [ 1 ]

 - kolor

Application method

venetian trowel

Number of coats



1 kg/ m2

Drying time

24 hours



Cleaning tools


Colour scheme



in sealed containers at temperatures from 5°C to +35°C


15 kg



    The substrate must be clean, dry and free from dust, grease and other substances that reduce adhesion. If the substrate is robust and compacted, just rinse with water with some detergent. Remove old, flaky paint coats. Clean and wash the substrate using a pressure cleaner. In the case of substrates covered with mould or fungi, remove it and wash the surface with BIOTOX TOTAL following the manufacturer’s instructions. 

    Francesco GUARDI travertine plaster may be applied directly both on new and seasoned cement plaster coats. 

    Before applying the travertine, prime the substrate with Francesco GUARDI primer.



    Using plastic trowel or Venetian trowel apply evenly the first coat of travertine plaster on dry, primed surfaces. Remember to smooth out the surface avoiding thick deposits. Before applying the second coat (after approximately 24 hours), wet the whole surface using a roller. 

    Apply the second coat of travertine plaster using the same method used for the first coat. After a few minutes after application gently smooth the surface and create an irregular pattern using the edge of the trowel or spatula. 

    After forming the desired pattern, smooth out the whole surface using an INOX Venetian trowel until a natural stone image is achieved.

    Then, leave the surface to dry for a minimum of 12 hours.

    Depending on the final effect you want to achieve, you may paint the surface after drying with Francesco GUARDI lazure paint. To create a decorative effect with the desired colour, gently rub the paint using a sponge in the direction of the pattern you wish to achieve over an area of approx. 0.5 m2. Remove any excess paint using a second damp sponge so as not to create sagging and to evenly apply the colour on the whole surface.



    Apply Francesco GUARDI travertine plaster at substrate and ambient temperatures from +5°C to +35°C, avoiding direct sunlight on painted surfaces both during application and drying. 

    Protect the freshly applied product from precipitation for a period of 2-3 days after application. 

    A light or dark hue of the Francesco GUARDI travertine plaster is characteristic for this product and does not constitute a problem with quality. It is not recommended to apply stucco on substrates made of pressed cement. 

    It is recommended to place scaffolding in such a way as to facilitate uniform application on the complete wall.