The snow effect paint is a modern, decorative latex paint that creates a unique glistening effect under the influence of both natural and artificial light. The paint offers very good coverage properties and matt coat finish with thousands of shiny microparticles of special fillers. Its microporous structure allows the walls to breathe and the properly developed texture of the paint offers ease of spreading and non-splashing painting experience. The paint fills interiors with a touch of subtle elegance. 

  • very good coverage rate
  • easy to apply
  • non-splashing during paintwork
  • hypoallergenic
  • high decorative values

The paint is designed for decorative and protective painting of walls and ceilings inside rooms made of cement plaster, cement/lime render, drywall, wallpaper, etc. It is a perfectly suitable solution for painting rooms in single- and multi-family buildings, adding subtle brightness to interiors, e.g. in the living room, bedroom or baby room. It also works ideally for public access areas, such as restaurants, hotels and discos, etc.

The paint enhances its decorative qualities when illuminating a painted surface with neutral or cold light (min. 3500 K to 6500 K).


Application method  Brush, roller, spraying machine
Working temperature

 Product, substrate and air temperature +10o C – +25 o C

Number of layers


Drying time

At least 2 hours

Next coat application

At least 2 hours


Approx. 1.43 g/cm3

Resistance to abrasion (according to PN-EN 13300:2002)

Class I

Thinner  Water
Cleaning of the tools     Water
Colour scheme  White – silvery
Efficiency depending on substrate absorbency Approx. 8 m2 /1 l with single-layer coating – depending on the substrate texture, the expected results, the painting technique and the painter’s experience
Packaging details  1,5 l / 3,0 l




    The paint should be applied on seasoned, robust and durable surfaces, which are clean, dry and free from dust, grease and other substances reducing adhesion. Before applying the paint, it is recommended to prime the substrate with the latex primer. Fresh cement and cement/lime renders should be primed after approx. 4 weeks, while gypsum renders – approx. 2 weeks after application. Gypsum finishing coats and surfaces made of drywall must be dedusted and then primed, e.g. using the Fixgrunt U. It is important to make sure that the surface does not leave any white dust when rubbed by hand. While painting walls previously covered with wallpaper, it is important to thoroughly remove the residues of glue, e.g. using water and painter’s soap, and allow to dry completely. Substrates coated with emulsion paints that offer good adhesion may simply be washed with water with a dab of painter's soap, rinsed with clean water and dried. Areas contaminated with mould or fungi should be cleaned mechanically and disinfected using the Biotox Total algicide and fungicide.


    After opening the container, the paint should be thoroughly mixed and, depending on the painting technique applied, diluted with water in the amount of 2 – 5 %. Next, add the whole content of the sachet found under the lid of the container to the container with the paint and thoroughly mix again using the attached manual stirrer, spreading the silvery filler evenly throughout the paint. The paint should not be mixed using high-speed stirrers.


    The paint may be applied with a brush, roller or hydrodynamic spraying device. The substrate and ambient temperature during application should range between +10°C to +25°C. Application of the paint is possible after at least two hours from priming the substrate (for the air and substrate temperature of approx. 20°C and relative air humidity of 55±5%). The second coat should be applied after the first layer has dried, i.e. after at least two hours. Immediately after painting, the tools should be washed with water. The paint acquires its full resistance properties (to washing/abrasion) after at least 28 days from the completion of the paintwork.


    Store in original and tightly closed containers. Protect against frost and sunlight. Storage temperature: from +5°C to +30°C. In the case of painting walls previously coated with emulsion paints, it is necessary to perform adhesion tests. Carefully read the Technical Data Sheet before using the product. LAKMA® SAT shall not be responsible for the quality of the product and paintwork in the event where the indicated instructions are not followed.