Crystal effect compound is an innovative decorative wall product which owing to the content of special particles creates a unique effect of crystal surface on the wall. The wall covered with the material unveils its exceptional visual attractiveness both when properly lit with artificial feature lighting or in natural lighting. The coating renders interiors with expressive elegance with a hint of luxury and therefore perfectly harmonizes with rooms with modern glamour style décor.

The product is designed for decoration of interior walls with cement and cement/lime mortar surface, gypsum wallboard surface and with other mineral surfaces. It is a perfect choice for use in single family homes and apartment buildings to strongly accentuate walls in various spaces, such as living rooms, bedrooms or anterooms. It can perfectly fit into public spaces adorning walls in restaurant and hotel rooms, dance club venues, etc.


Available colours [ 1 ]

 - kolor



steel trowel, Venetian trowel, paint roller

Number of coats

1 or 2 – depending on the desired effect

Coverage for one coat application

ca. 0.4 kg/m2


after at least 2 hrs

Drying time

12 hrs

Cleaning of tools

use water



Storage conditions

In tightly sealed containers at the temperature range from +5°C to +35°C


    The substrate must be cured, sound, durable, clean, dry and free from dust, grease and any other substances that could compromise adhesion. Before priming, fresh plaster should be allowed to cure for about 4 weeks in the case of cement or cement/ lime plasters and for about 2 weeks in the case of gypsum plasters. The surfaces of skim coats and dry lining must be thoroughly dusted and then primed with a suitable primer, such as Fixgrunt U. Make sure that all dust has been removed wiping the surface with the palm of your hand to check for the presence of any white residue. To prepare surfaces covered with well-adhered emulsion paint coatings it is enough to wash them with water with some sugar soap, then to rinse them with clean water and dry them up. Surfaces affected by mould and mildew should be cleaned mechanically and treated with Biotox Total algae and fungus remover. Prior to the application of the finish coating the surface must be thoroughly primed with 1 or 2 coats of white GUARDI primer.


    Pour the entire content of the pouch attached under the lid to the bucket with the resin. Mix thoroughly using hand or power mixer to distribute the crystal filler uniformly throughout the volume.


    The compound should be applied with a rounded steel trowel or a Venetian trowel, adjusting the coat thickness to the size of crystal filler particles. Make sure the coating is spread evenly over the wall surface and that no areas where substrate is showing through have been left. Then carefully smoothen the surface using a steel plastering trowel or spatula. The final step consists in rendering the finish coating with a fine texture which is made using a paint roller with 8 to 12 mm pile height. During application, both the substrate and ambient temperatures should be within the range of +10°C to +25°C. The product can be applied after the primer has been left to cure for at least two hours (at ca. 20°C temperature of ambient air and substrate and 55±5% relative humidity). On completion immediately wash the tools with water.


    The product must be stored in original tightly closed containers. During storage protect the product from freezing and excessive sunlight. Storage temperature: from +5°C up to +30°C. If the product is to be applied to surfaces which have been previously coated with emulsion paints do the adhesion test. Prior to use read the Product Data Sheet. The rooms should be ventilated until the smell goes away. Failure to comply with the above recommendations releases LAKMA® SAT from any responsibility for the quality of the product and for the final effect.


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