The Guardi copper effect paint is a modern, decorative interior paint producing unique, attractive looking metal effect satin finish. Owing to the specific properties of the product and the metallic fillers it contains it is possible to obtain various effects which depend on the application technique and the angle at which the light strikes the surface. The paint is particularly recommended for decorating modernist, industrial and also rustic style interiors that require special tools to obtain the desired effect.

  • Strongly accentuates the surfaces
  • Applicable with various painting tools
  • Multitude of effects
  • High decorative values

The product gives decorative and protective finish to interior architectural details and wall surfaces covered with cement or cement-lime mortars, wallboards, wallpapers, decorative plaster, wood, etc. It is a material of choice for finishing interior surfaces in single and multi-family buildings and for decorating public buildings, including restaurants, pubs, hotels, commercial premises, etc. 

Available colours [ 1 ]

 - kolor

Farba o efekcie miedzi - pogląd koloru

Method of application Roller, spray gun, paint brush, sponge, paint mitt
Operating temperature

Temperature of the product, substrate and air: + 10oC to +25oC

Number of coats

2 - 3 

Drying time

Min. 2 hours*

Recoating time

Min. 2 hours*

Wet scrub resistance (according to PN - EN 13300:2002)

Class 1
Thinner Water
Cleaning of tools Water
Coverage (depending on the substrate absorption rate)  Ca. 1 litre for 10 m2 for single coat application – the exact value depending on the texture of substrate, the desired effect, application technique and user’s experience.




    The substrate must be sound, durable, clean, dry and free from dust, grease and any other substances that could compromise adhesion. The existing, well-adhered emulsion paint coatings should be cleaned with sugar soap, rinsed with clean water and dried up. The substrate must be completely dry, cured and prepared by priming with coppery GUARDI latex undercoat. Before priming, fresh plaster should be allowed to cure for about 4 weeks in the case of cement or cement/ lime plasters and for about 2 weeks in the case of gypsum plaster. The surfaces of skim coats and dry lining must be dusted thoroughly and then primed with a suitable primer, such as Fixgrunt U. Make sure that all dust has been removed wiping the surface with the palm of your hand to check for the presence of any white residue. When applying the paint on surfaces from which wallpaper has been removed, wipe the surface for example, with sugar soap solution, to ensure that no glue residue has remained. Then let the surface dry up completely. Places affected by mould and mildew should be cleaned mechanically and treated with Biotox Total algae and fungus remover.


    After opening the container thoroughly stir the paint and add up to 2% clean water if required by the chosen application technique.


    W zależności od efektu jaki chcemy uzyskać, wyschniętą po gruntowaniu powierzchnię malujemy za pomocą różnych narzędzi malarskich takich jak wałek, pędzel, gąbka, rękawica malarska czy agregat pneumatyczny. Farbę należy nakładać min. w dwóch warstwach.

    Paint roller – used to obtain smooth finish with slight streaking effect. Rollers with short pile sleeves, for example 4-6 mm, are recommended. The first coat should be applied by running the roller in vertical strokes avoiding excessive build up at joints between coats. The minimum recoating time is 2 hours. In order to keep the stroke marks at a minimum run the roller in one direction only, i.e. from the top to the bottom.

    Spraying (with air-assisted airless paint sprayer) – particularly recommended for smooth surfaces to obtain uniform finish not showing strokes of the spray gun.

    Paint brush, sponge, paint mitt – used to create a rustic finish. Immerse the tool in the product and spread the picked amount over the wall surface using a motion appropriate to the desired effect, i.e. irregular, circular, criss-cross, vertical, horizontal or diagonal. It is the user’s imagination and creativeness that define the style and technique of painting. During painting the ambient and substrate temperatures should be within the range of +10°C to +25°C. The primer should be allowed to cure for at least 2 hours (at ca. 20°C temperature of ambient air and substrate and 55±5% relative humidity).The second coat can be applied after the first coat has fully cured, i.e. after at least 2 hours. Clean the tools with water immediately after completion of the job. The paint attains the specified resistance to wiping/ scrubbing after min. 28 days from application.


    The product must be stored in original, tightly sealed containers. During storage protect the product from freezing and excessive sunlight. Storage temperature: +5 to +30°C. Before using be sure to read the Product Data Sheet. Ventilate the space until the smell has gone. Failure to comply with the above recommendations releases LAKMA® SAT from responsibility for quality of the product or the work.


    Due to the specific nature of the paint the final effect may slightly differ from that presented in the Francesco GUARDI Collezione colour charts or other information. These differences can be attributed to different light intensity, substrate or application technique.