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Francesco GUARDI Collezione rust effect paint is a ready-to-use modern paint, produced on the basis of high quality acrylic resin, special fillers and metallic pigments.

Francesco GUARDI paint is designed for decorations of exterior and interior walls and ceilings, such as: living room, corridor, kitchen, bathroom, as well as for finishings in restaurants, hotels and other areas, where we want to get the raw effect of rusty surfaces.



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kolory - Rust effect paint
 - kolor

efekt rdzy

Application sponge, twine roller
Number of layers

from 1 to 2 - depending on the effect we want to get


from 10 to 12 m² with 0.5 liter packaging - depending on the structure of the surface, expected effect and contractor's experience

Drying time min. 2 hours
Tools cleaning  water
Colour scheme reddish-brown shades
Storage in sealed containers at a temperature from +5°C to +35°C
Capacity 500 ml

    Francesco GUARDI rust effect paint should be applied on solid and durable substrates. The surface to be covered with the paint must be clean, dry and free from dust, grease and other substances that reduce adhesion. Prior to painting, the substrate should be primed with the Francesco GUARDI latex paint in a colour such as black pearl or with the GUARDI primer in a colour, e.g. KAM/021. Paint application can be started upon drying of the primer, i.e. after min. 6 hours from completion of priming at drying under optimum conditions (temp. +20ºC, humidity 60%).



    Before painting, you should get the component A and the component B and plan the order and method of application. Mix the product before use. Apply the component A onto the pre-primed surface by stamping, using the twine roller or the sponge with large meshes.

    Apply the component B upon drying of the component A, i.e. after approx. 2 hours. Painting is best done with the sponge, by rubbing or stamping. The intensity of the painted surface depends on the expected final effect.



    Painting works using the Francesco GUARDI rust effect paint should be performed at substrate and ambient temperatures from +10ºC to +25ºC, avoiding direct sunlight both during works and drying of the paint. LAKMA® SAT is not responsible for the quality of painting works performed, in the case of non-observance of the recommendations given.